What To Expect: Light and easy conversations so that our time together will flow and develop naturally. A genuine connection, excitement, and the pleasures of love without the complications and emotions of an actual commitment. New friends, upon first meeting, I will ask to see your valid state issued identification.


My Expectations of you: Being the distinguished gentleman that you are, I know that you'll be generous, gracious and respectful. I prefer to meet mature gentlemen who remember and understand that: - Superb personal hygiene is expected and extremely attractive. - During our time together, we never discuss or negotiate donations and gifts.

Why must I go through screening? Screening helps me to know a little more about you both for my safety and for our date. Verifying shows me that you are serious about meeting and it makes me confident that we will actually meet and have fun! I’m nervous about sharing my personal information. How do I know my information will be kept confidential? I completely understand your concern. I ask for your personal information to ensure my safety. I have a professional career and as an executive, I understand the need for confidentiality and discretion. Please know that keeping your information confidential and secure is of the utmost importance to me. I’d like to meet before I decide to spend time with you. Do you go on coffee dates? Yes, I absolutely love coffee dates! Screening is still required and donations for my time still apply. What If I have to cancel? If it is less than 48 hours notice, the deposit will cover the cancellation fee. If you decide to set up a new appointment, I will require a 50% deposit. If you noify me at least 48 hours in advance, you can apply your deposit against your next appointment. Do you see couples? At this time, I do not see couples. However, I can arrange for a sexy female friend or handsome male companion to join us for an additional donation.Where Can I Find Reviews? I respectfully request that what happens during our private time remain between us. Reviews that provide insight into my appearance, personality and your overall general assessment of our time together are welcomed. Do you ever travel or tour? I am very much open to traveling once a relationship has been established. An established relationship consists of three or more dates that are at least three hours or longer over the course of three months. If you would like for me to accompany you, let's talk about it and see what we can make happen. As far as touring is concerned, I do not tour at this time. Interests and Hobbies My favorite cuisines are Chinese, Mexican and Indian. I have two favorite movies: Man on Fire and Secretary and I love BBC Masterpeice Theater. When it comes to music, I'm quite eclectic in my tastes and I like listening to stations like Jack FM, KCRW, KJAZZ and The Wave.